January 03 – Interview With THREERING – A Talk With ADAM DOXTATER (Vocals / Guitars) – Questionnaire by Stefan

Stefan: Hello Adam, the pleasure is all mine to welcome someone like you here at Metal To Infinity. How are things in these strange times – how is Las Vegas digesting the Corona Pandemic?

Adam: Hi Stefan! I’m very happy to get the opportunity to speak with you. These are strange times indeed, aren’t they? Las Vegas is fueled predominantly by tourism, and for several months this year the hotel/casinos were shuttered. It looked like a ghost town here for a while. They’re reopening slowly but at limited capacity so it’s still not 100%. Hopefully everything will work out well in the long term.

Stefan: When and with what ambitions was Threering founded ?

Adam: Phillip and I started Threering I think because we enjoy making music together. We always have. Initially we were just working on the one album, but wanted to keep going after that to see what we could come up with that may be a bit different or new. He and I have always gelled really well together musically, so it was a no brainer to do this type of thing now that technology has progressed to a point where we can do it on our own and distribute it globally.

Stefan: Started as a studio project, what can I imagine and who were your fellow musicians back then?

Adam: From the beginning it’s been just the two of us. We’ve had a few guest musicians along the way, but what you’re hearing on the albums is predominantly just us. Most notably is Melody Schoenfeld, who has guested on several tracks. One song in particular she guested on was “Can Anybody Hear Me?” which has done really well over the years. We released it in 2017 and to this day it’s still performing well. My daughter played violin and cello on “The Day That Never Comes” from the album “Piece by Piece”, as well as on “Every Time I Die” from “My Last Words”. I had both my kids sing at the end of “Pale Horse” from the album “Dark Tranquility”. That was fun! READ MORE…