April 19 – IMAGES OF EDEN – A Talk With GORDON TITTSWORTH (Vocals/Rhythm Guitars) – Questionnaire by Stefan

Stefan: It is once again a real pleasure for me to welcome you here at Metal To Infinity webzine Belgium. How are you brother?

Gordon: Doing very well, brother!  Thanks so much for having IOE back!

Stefan: For all news regarding the development of your musical career, I would like to refer to THIS link. During our September 2018 interview, we talked largely about the effort that had been released at the time, “Soulrise”. From there, I want to continue with this second conversation. First on, in what ways did you get to experience this album? What was the response of press and media to “Soulrise”?

Gordon: “Soulrise” was very well-received from press/ media as well as fans.  Matter of fact, it was because of “Soulrise” and our producer, Bill Metoyer, that we were able to sign a deal with Pavement Entertainment then subsequently go on a full US tour with 2 veteran international metal bands.  It was definitely the “springboard” we have been waiting for.

Stefan: I suppose Images Of Eden finished a lot of performances as a promotion for the album back then, right?

Gordon:  Absolutely, we did multiple “one-off” high-profile shows playing with acts such as Geoff Tate, Stryper and The Iron Maidens, but our biggest accomplishment with that album was a US tour with Metal Church and Doro Pesch.

Stefan: I was wondering if you have ever played on European soil, give me the redemptive answer Gordon.

Stefan: To conclude the “Soulrise” chapter, how satisfied can you be in retrospect?

Gordon:  I am extremely happy with “Soulrise” for many reasons- we reformed the band, got signed, went on tour, became an officially recognized national act, AND…. It paved the way for “Angel Born” and with so many more doors already open and many more chess pieces in place. READ MORE…