April 28 – DEVERIA (US Metal) Interview – A Talk With Frontman CHUCK WOODARD (Questionnaire by Stefan)

Stefan: Hello Chuck, good to have you here at Metal To Infinity Webzine Belgium ! With the release of Deveria’s recent album “Suicide Forest” I suppose you are a very pleased man at the moment. We’ll come back to the new effort later in this conversation, first I’d like to talk to you about the origins and creation of the band. Where are you guys located and in what way did Deveria come about?

Chuck: We are located in USA Upstate New York.
DEVERIA came together from long time musician in our  local area that have know each other over the years from previous bands.

Stefan: At what age did it become clear to you to become a singer in a Metal band – who did you look up to, who were your sources of inspiration?

Chuck: Well I have been singing for most of my life.  I have been singing since I was  about  5 years old . Getting involved in plays and talent shows. As I got older, I was introduced to metal. I Started playing guitar at the age of 12 and singing in my first metal band at the age of 18. I guess it all became clear to me that I wanted  to become a professional vocalist is when I heard Geoff Tate from Queensryche land that beginning scream in the song Queen of the ryche.

My sources of inspiration would be Geoff Tate. Ronnie james Dio. Ray Alder, Todd LaTorre, John Patrick Mcdonald(Midnight).

Stefan: What feeling did you get to experience when you first got to join a band? Where have you played like in the past?

Chuck: I always wanted to be in a band. It is such a rush and the excitement to  finally be playing on stage in front of  people. I started at talent shows then move up to local bars, then to opening for National Acts.

Stefan: Every musician sooner or later also comes face to face with a cheering audience, people who come to give their favorite band a boost…. When you made your debut on stage, what went through your mind?

Chuck: I was super nervous and was wondering if this was really happening.
Was I dreaming? I didn’t want to fuck up. After the show, I said to myself that this was the “IT” moment. This is what I was working so hard for. It was like a drug. I wanted more.

Stefan: Years went by and I can imagine that at some point you want to start your own band. Was this a dream you always wanted to fulfill as a child?

Chuck: I always dreamed of having my own band and writing and performing my own songs from the age of 12.

Stefan: With what thoughts did you begin the Deveria story – what were the preconceived ambitions?

Chuck: I wanted put out something melodic and heavy with singing and growls with a story line of real life  issues people struggle with daily. The covid pandemic really made things intense for what we were writing about. It help put our story of our new album  “Suicide Forest” in to place. READ MORE…