December 02 – XENO Interview (Questionnaire by Stefan)

Stefan: I would like to welcome you here at MTI – How are you? Hopefully the band has been spared from the Corona virus so far.

Ruben: Hey Stefan, thanks for the interview. We are doing great, hope you are also doing fine! Some of us think we caught the Corona virus even before the first lockdown. The symptoms checked out, but fortunately nobody had to go to the hospital. It did result in rehearsals being put on hold for a few weeks though. Thankfully we are healthy again!

Stefan: Xeno is the sequel to the band Semiazas, when and by whom this formation was founded… Which bands influenced you at that time?

Ruben: Ah yes, Semiazas was founded as a black metal band back in the days! Ruben, Lars and Borrit founded the band back in 2008, a while later Mr J joined and completed the line-up. Only Ruben remained from that line-up through the years, but Lars recently rejoined us. Our biggest influences at the time of Semiazas were Dimmu Borgir, Agalloch, Alcest and later also Opeth.

Stefan: Has any tangible material been released under this name?

Ruben: Yes! We released a demo EP called “The Seraphim”. You can still find it on YouTube somewhere. Sometimes one of us puts it on and we have a big laugh haha. We recorded the EP in one week in the living room of Ruben’s parents when they went on a vacation. We didn’t know ANYTHING about recording, or mixing for that part. It wasn’t pretty haha. READ MORE…