December 12 – EXA (German Thrash Metal) Are Finally Back , With A Brandnew Single and Video

Germanys finest thrashmetal newcomers EXA are finally back after releasing their worldwide highly admired debut album „Cut the Past“ in Spring 2020.

The four young guys from East Germany will return with their powerhouse of a thrash song called „DEATH IS COMING“ and a new official music video at December 11th. 2020 on worldwide streaming platforms and their official You Tube channel.

Produced by Tom Tschernig

Bio: EXA are four guys from Berlin who belong to the new generation of Thrash Metal. Making no compromises and having no comparisons, they bring their own style and uniqueness out of the middle of East Berlin. After supporting (Thrash) Metal legends like Power Trip, Nervosa, Gruesome, Night Demon, Hammerfall and Accept, „EXA“ released their debut album “CUT THE PAST” in january 2020 which will be followed by the new single „DEATH IS COMING“ out DEC. 11th. 2020..The band mentioned „Death Is Coming“ as an one of a kind thrash metal banger, which will haunt you even in your dreams with his catchy,yet aggressive melodies, once you heard it. While the lyrics are not typical empty satanic phrases about death, they show a new level of musicianship and lyrical maturity by dealing with the topic of natural aging.

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