December 15 – Review by Stefan – THREERING – IN THE ABSENCE OF FEAR (Independent)

As if 2020 hasn’t released enough good Metal albums yet, I received a very interesting product a few days ago. Threering, from Las Vegas, Nevada is a duo that was founded in 2010 as a studio project by Adam Toxtater (vocals/guitars) and Phillip Howell. I feel ashamed that I haven’t heard of these guys before because they’re good, real good ! Between 2015 and 2019 they released no less than 4 full length albums, and a couple of singles in between. Just like their brand new cut called “In The Absence Of Fear”, all of the previously released records saw daylight independently.

In the early 90’s Adam and Phillip played in many other bands, now so many years later on both are still sharing their love for Metal music. I didn’t know the band before so I’m forced to focus completely on their fifth and new album “In The Absence Of Fear”. Filled with 11 songs and a well done production, this is one of the revelation efforts of 2020 ! If you can deliver an effort of this caliber with just two musicians, I think it’s scandalous that Threering still hasn’t been offered a record deal. Where have the labels with good taste gone?

I’ve mentioned it so many times that in the record company world it’s not always fair, therefore once again my screaming out loud call to offer very interesting bands what they deserve, a highly coveted record deal ! READ MORE…