December 23 – MOTIVIK Interview – A Talk With RYAN ROEBUCK (Vocals/Music) – Questionnaire by Stefan

Stefan: I welcome you from humble Belgium, Where is Motivik located ? You might have some good bands to report that we can take a closer look at?

Ryan: Hi, Stefan! First, thank you for reaching out to chat with us. We are located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia has produced many great bands in all genres. In terms of metal, Becoming the Archetype, Theocracy, Sevendust, Mastodon and many others are out of the Atlanta area.

Stefan: Where does the band name come from? Tell a little more about the origin of the band.

Ryan: It has a layered meaning. In English it would be “Motivic.” I liked the German spelling better. Basically, it relates to a musical “motif.” In music, a motif is the smallest independent particle in a musical idea.”

Motivik also has its root in “motive.” What’s our motive? Our Motive is to write authentic music that addresses difficult topics and ultimately points to God for answers.

Stefan: Are you ambitious or is founding the band purely based on playing your favorite music and nothing more?

Ryan: Although Motivik is a relatively new creation, Both Courtney and I have been involved in various musical adventures for many years. We started out as 15 years olds back in the early/mid 90’s playing metal. We had a band back then called “Unorthodox” and we disbanded around 1998. We had lost connection for about a decade until last year when we reconnected. I mentioned I was writing again and asked if he might want to sing on some of the tunes. Then Covid happened. I began to work from home. Having a full recording studio at my home, I was able to write and record at an accelerated pace. Nine songs later we wrapped on the record. It is the sum of a lot of life and we would love to get out and play these when venues once again open. So, yes we are ambitious. You could say we are “motivated” or motivik. READ MORE…