February 11 – SHOCKER (Belgium) Interview – A Talk With KOEN VANASSCHE (Bass and Backing Vocals) – SAMMY PELEMAN (Vocals) – DAVID VANDEWALLE (Guitar) – Questionnaire by Stefan

Stefan: We’ll talk about Shocker and the release of the newly released EP in a moment, first I want to take you back to the time where it all started for you musically. What goes on in the mind of a young guy who wants to be a musician in a Metal band?

Koen: When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I was a crazy and wild living rebel on the loose. You can say that I was searching for my place in this deranged world, where I could be myself and just doing my own thing, that was playing the bass and kick ass in some metalbands with the same crazy maniacs as I was. Yes, it was a lot of fun, beers, green smoke, doing stupid and dangerous stunts hahaha… etc but growing older you realize there is just more and you also want more in life at general.

Then you realize that some so called bandmembers are not such a great friends as you thought they were….and that’s when you learn a wise lesson. In my past bands the fun was very important and still is of course, but now with my great friends in Shocker there is more chemistry to write music on another scale than ever before. With Gae Bolga we had  fun times, but there were some shitty moments we had to deal with and also I felt I wanted more then I could manage then.

To cut a long story short, it became all to much for me and I felt that the band was bleeding to death. And I think that’s just the way of life…deal with it and go on! And with Shocker it was a long road to find the right musicians, but it was worth it. There is a very good chemistry, magic, empathy, strong chain between each other musically and it’s a great adventure to write music. Yes there is a big link and it will always be Heavy Fucking Metal and a great understanding for each other and that alone says enough! READ MORE…