February 24 – CULPRIT – FIRST OFFENSE (Lost Realm Records) – Review by Dave Conner

Culprit first formed in Seattle, Washington, United States, in 1981 by vocalist Jeff L’Heureux, guitarists John DeVol and Kjartan Kristoffersen, bassist Scott Earl, and drummer Bud Burrill. “First Offense” is the bands release of their unreleased demos from 1980 and 1983.

From Lost Realm Records, the CD is a limited edition limited to 500 copies, a 12-page booklet with the band biography and rare photos. Remastered from the original demo tapes. Several of the tracks would appear on the 1983 release of “Guilty As Charged”. With the unique vocal style of Jeff L’Heureux, to the pounding bass of Scott Earl, Culprit would help define the Heavy Metal scene in Seattle.

The track list contains the songs: 01. Guilty As Charged 02. Ice In The Back 03. Same To You 04. Players 05. Metal Heart 06. Out Of Control 07. White Lies 08. Wild Highway 09. Players READ MORE…