February 24 – DIGGETH Interview – A Talk With HARALD TE GROTENHUIS (Vocals/Guitars)

Stefan: First I’d like to know who showed up with the proposal to form the band, can you first provide some more information about that ?

Harald: The core of the band has always been Alco Emaus and myself, Harald, we both played for years in Wicked Mystic with whom we had a couple of albums out on Mausoleum, the Belgian label. Alco joined Wicked Mystic just before we went on tour with Overkill and even played Ozzfest. That band broke up and I started playing with our first drummer Benjamin, I wanted to do something different. Wicked Mystic was based on Maiden and such. I want to go in a more grooving direction, with lots of influences of the seventies like Skynyrd, but heavier.

Benjamin was heavily into John Bonham, the Led Zeppelin drummer. Once we got the first songs, which was around 2003 or ’04, I gave Alco a call and that is where we started off. In 2015 we found our current drummer, Casper Bongers who introduced some progressive influences but he is also into the Bonham style of drumming so it’s a nice mixture of styles. I bring the seventies stuff and heavy riffs, Alco adds some punk/rock-‘n-roll drive to it and Casper puts in the groove and the wit. READ MORE…