January 10 – HELSTAR Issue New Album Details

US Metal outfit HELSTAR has issued first details about their upcoming release “Clad in Black”, which will be released on February 26, 2021 via Massacre Records!

HELSTAR already gave you a first glimpse at this new release with the “Black Wings Of Solitude” 7″ which is available since October 2020 – but now it’s time for HELSTAR to go for your throats!

The digipak version of “Clad In Black” includes 2 CDs: The first CD includes both songs from the already released 7″ as well as two more new songs and additional killer cover versions to sink your teeth into. All songs on the first CD were mixed by Martin “Mattes” Pfeiffer at Redhead Studios, and mastered by Stefan Kaufmann at ROXX Studio.

The second CD includes the band’s previous studio album “Vampiro” in its entirety, which was mixed and mastered by Bill Metoyer at Skull Seven Studios. All songs from the first CD will also be available on vinyl in different colors. The cover artwork – created by John Fossum – is available below, along with the track list. The first single from HELSTAR’s upcoming release will drop next week.

HELSTAR – Clad in BlackPre-order

CD 1 – Clad in Black

1. Dark Incarnation (Mother Of The Night) 2. Black Wings Of Solitude 3. Across The Raging Seas 4. Restless And Wild (Accept cover) 5. After All (The Dead)-Black Sabbath cover 6. Sinner (Judas Priest cover)

CD 2 – Vampiro

1. Awaken Unto Darkness 2. Blood Lust 3. To Dust You Will Become 4. Off With His Head 5. From The Pulpit To The Pit 6. To Their Death Beds They Fell 7. Malediction 8. Repent In Fire 9. Abolish The Sun 10. Black Cathedral 11. Dreamless Sleep

Ltd. Vinyl LP

Side A: *Dark Incarnation (Mother Of The Night) *Black Wings Of Solitude *Across The Raging Seas

Side B: *Restless And Wild (Accept cover) *After All (The Dead)-Black Sabbath cover *Sinner (Judas Priest cover)