January 11 – Review by Officer Nice – CHALICE – TREMBLING CROWN (High Roller Records / Soulfood)

I have found 10 bands with the name of Chalice… First question was, which one are we talking about. I know Belgium has a Thrash/Death Metal band with this name, but this is not the one we’re talking about. As a fan of US Metal I know there were a few bands over there that were named Chalice but to be sure, this Chalice is from Finland.  

Actually this is a pretty new band and besides an EP they only released a demo before. You should know both had pretty good critics and I expect this “Trembling Crown” to receive very good reviews as well. This is a modern band with an old sound, a bench of youngsters who just want to play some good Metal. A band they remind me of is Idle Hands from the USA, a band that released some really great stuff the last years. Is it the sound or the way the songs are arranged and performed that makes me thin to them? I don’t know but I really like what I hear.  

I hear really fantastic guitars, sometimes mysterious arrangements, sometimes shredding leads and anything is influenced by some real progressive tunes. I hear some great Flamenco (I love it) and old-fashioned keyboards. Sometimes this is Doom, at other points Chalice is a bit Progressive and there is some kind of ‘Cult’ atmosphere around here. READ MORE…