June 07 – HERZEL – LE DERNIER REMPART (Gates Of Hell Records / Soulfood) – Review by Stefan

Get ready for an unadulterated serving of Epic Heavy Metal from the Quimper, Brittany region of France. Formed in 2013, Herzel released the frequently discussed debut demo “Unis Dans Le Gloire” two years later on. Besides the intro/instrumental the demo has been completed with two full songs that were sung in their native tongue. This I found out through the included info sheet, to judge Herzel’s musical approach I had to wait for their debut album “Le Dernier Rempart”, released on March 19, 2021. The release date was scheduled much earlier but they did not escape the Corona pandemic either. The skies are quietly clearing and delayed releases are making more and more appearances. Back to normal life / looking forward to good Metal albums, concerts and more…. We’ve waited long enough for this !

“Le Dernier Rempart” can be succinctly described as awesomely good ! Six songs deployed in a sophisticated Epic Heavy Metal way, a flashback to the glorious 80s era. Totally old fashioned Metal with Celtic vibes, complete with French lyrics. With some nostalgia I think back to the French Metal scene of yesteryear…. Blasphéme, H Bomb, Steel Angel, Sortilége, ADX, HIgh Power, Warning, Demon Eyes, Satan Jokers and many more. I still regularly listen to albums from that era and can enjoy them endlessly. With the arrival of Herzel, my luck has not run out because they also provide the positive note in my life.

The vocal service is unique and very epically focused with a reasonable emotional touch, also be aware of the good man’s fantastic high pitched singing parts. What also makes this album very interesting is the fact that room has been made for US Metal influences and these young lads make me very excited about that. “Le Dernier rampart” is split into two parts. First one contains two tracks dealing with Brittany history along with an instrumental traditional song. Second part tackles brings the concept about a hero called Herzel. READ MORE…