March 04 – OSYRON – FOUNDATIONS (Independent) – Review by Officer Nice

Sometimes a coincidence is necessary to find awesome things in life. That counts for lots of stuff and for music actually too. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Facebook anymore, because of their rotten politics and communistic kind of silencing people, I stay a member because of music.  I discovered more great bands thanks to this forum. And that’s how I found out about this band too, Osyron, from Canada.

To be honest I have never heard of this band before. Digging the band’s history on the Internet learns that the band was named Morbid Theory before, a Death Metal band to be correct. Since 2012 Osyron saw the day of light and the direction of these musicians changed, became more Progressive, more Power, more traditional. If you’re into bands like Evergrey, Ghost Ship Octavius, Tad Morose, a bit Iced Earth etc. you should hold your attention to this review.

This CD comes with only a slipcase and that’s actually a pity. I noticed this EP is available at the big internet shops, like Dodax and therefore it is even more a pity that this band didn’t give us the opportunity to purchase their first two albums.  Yes, this band have released two records before and actually I’m curious to hear more about it. But buying music directly from overseas became too expensive. That’s why this kind of bands really needs a distribution around here, it is necessary to grow because Metal still is popular in Europe. READ MORE…