March 19 – HVALROSS (Holland) – Interview With BARRY VEEKE (Guitars) – Questionnaire By Stefan

Stefan: Welcome here to Metal To Infinity webzine Belgium ! To begin with I want to take you back to a period where it all started. You have played in numerous bands of different character, you were still quite young…tell us a bit more about your musical pursuits back then.

BARRY: Thanks for having us! Speaking for myself; I first came into contact with “loud music” when I was around 11 years old. I immediately clicked with Iron Maiden and Metallica when I first heard them. Of course I wanted to be James Hetfield and I started playing guitar when I was around 15 years old. My first serious band was Positive Hate, a hardcore punk outfit which was pretty notorious in the local scene back then. After some other bands I got into contact with the guys I am playing with now and we started our band Oker. This was more of an alternative rock act.

We listened to a lot of Muse and that kind of stuff back then. We started to get more and more into progressive rock and metal and our musical style shifted in that direction. We decided to rename and rebrand the band into The Astral Travellers. We made an all DIY album with that band and played some very cool gigs. After a few years we got on a bit of a dead end and called it quits. We didn’t do anything serious for a few years and at the end of 2017 we got back together and formed Hvalross, and here we are!

Stefan: The music styles from yesteryear were highly diverse, can you explain this?

BARRY: It was all a very natural process which happened over a long period of time. We all have very wide musical tastes and also pretty different tastes in some areas. And of course when time passes you start to listen to different stuff and start to appreciate it more and more. I think the music we make now is a result of that wide variety of styles and influences. That combined with a return to the love we all have for the classic hard rock and metal from our youth, call it our roots. READ MORE…