March 24 – THORIUM (Belgium) – Interview with DARIO FRODO and TOM TAS – Questionnaire by Stefan

Stefan: Welcome Dario and Tom, first and foremost congratulations on Thorium’s latest album “Empires In The Sun” ! During the upcoming conversation, it is my intention to look back at your debut for a while after which we will largely talk about the remarkable successor recently released. Looking back to Thorium’s self-titled debut, can you speak of a great success or are you rather modest about this?

Dario: Looking at this as the first-born child, I am overall satisfied with the album and what it did for us. It brought us under attention in the world of classical heavy metal (obviously up to a certain point) and made us play throughout large parts of Europe with a lot of great bands, like Riot V, Geoff Tate, Q5, Heir Apparent, Toxik, Witch Cross and Ross The Boss to name but a few. So in that perspective, I am happy with the result. We obviously always aim for more, but there’s a lot of music out there, and our means aren’t limitless to get the name spread in terms of commercial attention, if you know what I mean. Most of the budget we spent got into the product itself, more specifically into the recording and mixing/mastering of the album.

Tom: As always, there’s rather mixed feelings with any release — though I don’t mean that as negatively as it might sound. On one hand, the whole process of writing, recording and producing an album is an immensely time-consuming (and expensive) one, and you’re proud beyond words whenever you can complete that process and release the resulting work unto the world. Of course you stand behind that work one hundred percent, and of course you hope it’ll get the attention, recognition and commercial success you feel it deserves. READ MORE…