March 29 – Metal School Presents A Helpful English-Language Guide To ARIA’s Music

Despite having been around for well over 35 years, Russian heavy metal band ARIA is not showing any signs of slowing down. Since the late eighties, they have been Russia’s biggest heavy metal band and in fact, one of the biggest bands overall in many former Soviet states. They have influenced multiple generations of Russian bands in a multitude of genres. Heavy metal has been known to transcend the boundaries of language, however, which Aria has become familiar with this fact as well.

Recent years have shown increasing western interest in Aria’s music. With that, the demand for information about the band in English has grown. The popular YouTube channel Metal School acknowledged this demand and decided to help those in the west intimidated by Aria’s all-Russian discography with a video covering all the important development’s in the band’s history.

In the 40-minute video, Metal School provides an in-depth look into Aria’s extensive discography, covering all their albums from 1985’s ‘Megalomania’ right down to their latest 2018 studio release ‘Curse of the Seas’. Album information is interspersed with interview fragments, history analysis and footage from all professional music videos Aria released through the years. In short, everything you need to know when you want to explore Aria’s rich history can be seen.

Metal School’s video is a major one in a growing pool of English-language content concerning Aria’s long and storied career. International success may just be the next chapter of that story, if their first steps towards the west in the shape of concerts abroad, including a very well-received performance at Germany’s renowned Keep It True festival, are any indication.

BIO: Aria have been around since 1985 and have become the biggest heavy metal band in Russia. Growing the foundation of their fanbase under the restrictions of the Soviet Union, and then developing it during the difficult economic times following the collapse of the USSR, Aria has managed to consistently put out outstanding power metal albums despite major hurdles. While they have been dubbed the Russian Iron Maiden, Aria’s sound has many influences from Maiden and Judas Priest to Helloween and Black Sabbath but with a distinctive Russian flavor.

As a huge Iron Maiden fan, discovering Aria was like discovering lost Iron Maiden albums of the same quality from the 80s and 90s, plus so much more. Including their latest album from 2018, Curse of the Seas. A big thanks to Trond Nicolaisen of Tomorrow’s Outlook for his help with this video. It literally would not exist without him. Also several huge thank yous to Yana Filimonova for translations, additional research, and proofreading.

MUSIC VIDEOS: *America Left Behind / Позади Америка:

*Will and Reason / Воля и разум:–8

*Street of Roses / Улица Роз:

*Give ‘Em Hell / Дай жару:​ All That Was / Всё, что было:

*Take My Heart / Возьми моё сердце:​ Dirt / Грязь:

*Hermit / Отшельник:​ Paradise Lost / Потеряный Рай:

*Careless Angel / Беспечный ангел:​ The Calm / Штиль:

*Shard of Ice / Осколок Льда:​ Coliseum / Колизей:

*There Up High / Там высоко:​ Point of No Return / Точка невозврата:

*To Kill the Dragon / Убить дракона:

INTERVIEWS: *Sergey and Alexandr interview (1994):​ Vitaly

*Dubinin interview w/ Kevin Paysman (2020):​ Live

PERFORMANCES: *Aria – Live in Kirovograd (1988):

*Patriot / Патриот (Live):

Prince of Darkness’ Ball / Бал у князя тьмы (Live):

*The Blood of Kings / Кровь королей (Live):

Black Square / Чёрный квадрат (Live):

*Lucifer’s Era / Эра Люцифера (Live):

*Rock the World’ on Step to Parnassus (1989):

*Hero of Asphalt Bike Show (1999):

*Heaven Will Find You from Classic Aria Tour (2002):

*Hero of Asphalt 20th Anniv. Show:

*Curse of the Seas from Guest of the Shadow Kingdom: