May 14 – GIOTOPIA (Belgium) – Interview with GIO SMET – Questionnaire by Stefan

Stefan: Late December 2020 we already had a first conversation following Devil’s Desire and once again welcomes you here at Metal To Infinity webzine. Giotopia has to be one of your most impressive projects, do you agree?

Gio: “Yes, with respect for my other projects, Giotopia certainly is my main project. I feel the musical freedom in all my projects, but Giotopia acquires more organization, hence the production is at a larger scale. The whole story, concept or picture is bigger and, when the listener takes his time to explore the music and story, there is a very interested world to be found.”

Stefan: How did you start the project and with what ambitions?

Gio: “I love fantasy tales and writing. In addition, after my home studio was completed, I started to work a lot with guest musicians for the Gitaron anniversary album. I really enjoyed working with so many talented guest musicians. Therefore, the idea came almost natural to write a fantasy tale and combine it with my music. I loved the fact that the guest musicians would play the different characters of the story. The ambition was clear from the start; to create something unique and interesting, epic storytelling, working with many fascinating singers along the way. I love the aspect of imagination in music. Everybody hears or feels the music in his or her own way. I am satisfied when people are touched by my music, in any way possible, that is my biggest ambition.” READ MORE…