February 02 – Review by Stefan – SHOCKER – EP 2021 (Independent)

From the southwestern part of Belgium comes a new band signing up with members of Artarch, After All, Gae Bolga, Phoenix Rebellion, Back To Back. If the musical backgrounds of these bands seem familiar to you, you surely know that the word ‘talent’ can be used as a point of reference.

Shocker very recently released their debut recording, a 4-track EP. When asked what makes these guys so engagingly good, I personally have the following answer. First of all, they have managed to combine different musical styles as a whole. In my view not an obvious choice they made beforehand but again, the final end result doubly underlines what they are capable of. Listening to the songs of their brand new self-titled EP, diversity hits hard to my greatest delight. There is a graduate musical aware across the entire running time, you end up in a totally different world than what you would first expect from an upcoming band. It’s impossible to attribute a musical category to these Belgians, therefore they are far too unique, and as already mentioned, too diverse !

This is an interesting and profound aggregation of the musical preferences of each one in Shocker. The whole thing does not speak in riddles, they go straight for their goal and with the EP have brought something unique to light in Belgium, and far beyond. Lead singer Sammy Peleman is a real one of kind type of singer, friendly and fully dedicated to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. His quirky and vicious timbre, as well as his fantastic high pitched vocals set him apart from many others ! READ MORE…