February 27 – TRAGEDIAN (Interview) – A Talk With GABRIEL PALERMO (Guitars) – Questionnaire by Stefan

Stefan: Welcome here to Metal To Infinity Webzine Belgium, you started many years ago under a different name, can you tell us anything more about this period?

Gabriel: Hello Stefan, hello Belgium and the readers of Metal Infinity, my pleasure answering these questions for you. At the time i started this band , the local music scene couldn’t of been any healtier, there were more than enough musicians and clubs to play in Hamburg, mp3’s and music streaming sites were non existent. It kind of Reminded me when i moved to Los Angeles in the early 90’s. The first name that came to mind was 7th Hour. No special meaning behind it except that it sounded epic and metal. Then as the first line up came up together, the title didnt quite reflect the music and the brief name of Atlantis Falling was used but that didn’t stick either.

Stefan: Later on you decided to change the band name to Tragedian, what was the reason for this?

Gabriel: As the band progressed i had met and befriended Limb Schnoor from Limb Music Products. Everytime we had new songs i would bring them to him and get his opinion. Eventually he developed an interest and started consulting us and the first thing he said is we need a proper suitable name. The following week i recieved an email from his saying he sent a memo around the office to ask suggestions for a name for a newly formed band and i recieved a list with many good suggestions. The label A&R man , T.C. has to get credited for coming up with the name. As i saw it , it stuck out and sounded different and somewhat unusual but in a good way. READ MORE…