VERITAS (USA) interview – A Talk With Greg Wenk (Guitar) – Questionnaire by Stefan

Stefan: Pleased to meet you Greg, first of all congratulations from my side with the release of a Veritas’ first full length album “Thread Of Fatality”, one hell of a great effort to me brother ! We’ll talk about this later but first of all I want to take you back in time when it all started for you. What prompted you to become a guitarist in a Metal band?

Greg: I had been interested in music since a very young age but decided I wanted to play guitar after I heard KISS-Alive. After hearing the roar of the crowd I decided I had to learn guitar.

Stefan: With which ambitions did you start this experiment and who can you mention as a source(s) of inspiration?

Greg: I had been out of playing in a band for a few years and just been writing music. I decided it was time to start putting together a new group. I wanted to find musicians that were talented but not egotistical. That way the music would be interesting and complex enough to keep the attention of musicians and hopefully catchy enough to the casual listener as well. As a guitarist I have many influences but I don’t try to sound like anyone in particular. Some of my influences are Ace Frehley, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Criss Oliva, Paul Gilbert

Stefan: Besides Veritas, have you played in other bands?

Greg: I started out playing in cover bands and then as a member of a couple of original bands. Most broke up before accomplishing anything.

Stefan: In regards to your adventure with Veritas, how did this band come about and what’s the story behind the band name?

Greg: I decided in 2012 that I wanted to put together a new band and started searching for members. I also started thinking of band names and during my search found Veritas, meaning truth. I also came across the Celtic symbol Awen which mean creativity and decided to combine them together. First member I found was original drummer Adam Hartley, whose sister is the one that redesigned the logo that we use to this day. Geno Alberico was the next member to join the band. After searching for a vocalist he is the one that suggested Denny Anthony for vocals. Adam unfortunately had decided to leave the band and we needed a drummer. Denny suggested contacting Mark Zonder since he had recorded drums on a track in a previous band’s release. READ MORE…